Programme CZ 06 “Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Arts” supported by EEA countries Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein within Financial Mechanisms (FM 2) allows us to continue the outstanding results of the long-term promotion of Czech culture and cultural heritage using FM EEA/Norway, also known as the Norway Grants.

These grants supplemented with funding from the state budget were used particularly for the rescue, restoration, conservation and presentation of immovable cultural heritage with the total value of CZK 1 billion.

Programme CZ 06 now significantly expands the possibilities of the use of EEA grants, particularly concerning the desirable bilateral cooperation between the Czech Republic and the EEA countries. The most intense cooperation is expected in the area of Contemporary Arts in Programme Area 17 “Promotion of Diversity in Culture and Arts within European Cultural Heritage”. It is expected that this programme area will facilitate the implementation of professional and original projects of high artistic quality, supporting community coherence and enhancing the understanding of cultural diversity in the European context. We believe that the supported projects in the area of theatre, music and visual arts will involve active participation of individuals and groups prone to social exclusion.

The outcomes of projects implemented within Programme Area 16 “Conservation and Revitalization of Cultural Heritage” will be sources of knowledge and education. Grants within this area will be allocated to projects meeting strict criteria, which will focus on the rescue, restoration, presentation and accessibility of movable and immovable cultural heritage in the area of museum-type collections, collection items and written cultural heritage. The strongest interest in participation is indicated in another supported field – the national heritage fund.